Web3dragon profile

Hello, everyone! We represent the growing team of Web3dragon, a startup from May 2021.

We are a team of young enthusiasts who believe in WEB-3 technology and the unlimited possibilities that it brings with it.

Our goal is to become WEB-3 ambassadors and help the community see the world of the future through our own eyes.

Our team currently consists of 36 members, including:

  • Analysts;

  • DevOps engineers;

  • Programmers (C++, Python, PHP, Rust);

  • Lawyers;

  • System architects.

Plus, the people who have learned from scratch while working with us, becoming valuable cadres for the cryptocurrency market.

At the moment, we are preparing to launch an international platform that will offer:

  • Educational and professional opportunities;

  • Analytical systems with a ready set of user tools;

  • Open contact-oriented community.

In the meanwhile, we also:

  • Work on open-source solutions;

  • Develop smart contracts.

Our technical department strives to ensure uninterrupted and safe operation of nodes in projects such as:

  • Stafi;

  • Sora;

  • Celo;

  • Kusama – 1000 Validators Program;

  • Dock;

  • ChainX;

  • Moonbeam;

  • Hydra DX.

Our objectives include forming a crypto association with over 2000 participants by mid-2022, developing a strong community of crypto enthusiasts by constantly creating and refining existing educational programs, and helping members by implementing conservative capital-growing strategies.

Our Goal 2025 is to adopt the DAO model by developing high-quality profitable product with a robust community.

We want to become a part of your project and assume responsibility for the security and quality of network transactions.

Project details, implementations, roadmap, and developments are available by mail upon request. Please, forward your inquiry at admin@web3dragon.com