Nethermind Profile

Hello everyone,

This is Mateusz from the Nethermind Team and I will walk you through the Nethermind’s profile.

Company: Nethermind

Nethermind has over 40 engineers and researchers with expertise across the following domain; EVM, Protocol Engineering, Layer 2 Scaling Research, DeFi, MEV and Smart Contract Development and Security Audit.

Renowned companies such as StarkWare and Flashbots works with Nethermind to solve the most challenging problems. Tomasz Stanczak is Nethermind’s CTO/Founder who has a long history of working in the Ethereum and DeFi space and built the Nethermind Ethereum 1 client from scratch.

Nethermind Experience

We’ve long expertise in running Ethereum L1 and also L2 nodes. We are running and maintaining nodes infrastructure since 2017. We’ve participated and developed our own implementation in “The Merge” testnets during the Rayonism scaling project :rocket:.

We are actively maintaining validators on xDai (since March 2020) & EnergyWeb (since May 2021) networks.

xDai validator
EnergyWeb validator

Nethermind Security

We are actively looking into the best and most secure approaches for key storage. Currently, we are exploring the HSM solutions.

Nethermind Reliability


We are using modern monitoring tools to constantly control the health of our infrastructure and track the node’s performance. Our validators were never slashed.
New Relic
Prometheus - Monitoring system & time series database


Opsgenie | Alerting and On-Call Management
We have a 24/7 rota mechanism on OpsGenie alerting system, including phone alerts.

Clouds with high SLA and hardware performance

We do run our nodes on various clouds such as AWS, DigitalOcean, Hetzner, UpCloud.

Nethermind Communication

We encourage to reach us out on our Discord server. We do not have a dedicated channel for VEGA token holders though.

Nethermind Governance

We do take a part in governance on both xDai and EnergyWeb networks mentioned above. It also includes communication on TG’s, Discord and Slack channels. We are also a part of the EnergWeb tech committee.