Hello, everyone, it’s Mazumba from We’ll be glad to work with all you folk.
We are fresh team of cryptoenthusiasts with 5 year experience in crypto network, including validation investing and community building.

Team: Synclab

We are team of 7 experienced testers/validators with IT background including Js, C++,C# and front-end development.

And since we mentioned community building experience, I’ll say that our team participated in building of communities over 3 years. We believe that in order to build successful validating structure, creating a friendly and helping atmosphere can be very helpful.


We’ve participating in over 30 testnets/mainnets/validator programs including: Polkadot, Solana, TheGraph, Polygon, AValanche, Mina, Moonbeam and others.


Our team makes every effort to keep your data safe using the best security tools and the most secure databases.


We use servers with the best uptime and reliability around the world. Also, our team uses monitoring systems and a duty engineer to constantly control the status of servers.


Everyone can go on our website to find best way to communicate us ( ). Or you can just mail us on


I know the team - responsible and smart guys! :+1: