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A place to discuss all things trading, including what kinds of markets will be able to be created on Vega including how they can / should work. We love to get community input and feedback!

🐣Market Proposals

Vega is an exciting platform for experimentation in derivatives markets. If you have an idea for a new market please submit information for the community to review and feedback on.


Thanks for trying out the Vega testnet! Please share your feedback, general thoughts, bugs or anything else related to using Vega’s early stage testnet.


A category to discuss, share and inform about community activities.

🍭Liquidity Mining

Vega is designing “markets for liquidity” and thereby democratising access to this service.

👷‍♀️Building Vega

If you’ve been looking for a place to talk about how Vega is being developed, or share your own code suggestions, you’ve found it!


This is the place for discussing and sharing general chat and updates about Vega, the mission and goals. It’s also a great place to get answers to questions like what is Vega, what are they trying to accomplish, and who even are these people?


This is where you should go if you’re keen to explore and work on bounties, ask questions and to get help from the team.


Dig into the research that’s being conducted to further risk management, decentralised networks and lots more that we haven’t even begun to plan yet.


Ask us anything - within reason!


A protocol for chat about anything interesting but not related to Vega.

✨Feature Requests

Share your ideas for the features you’d like to see Vega support for the core software, wallet, Vega Console, and documentation. Ideas posted here will be shared with the engineering team. If you have any issues, tell us about them on Vega’s Nolt board.