CryptoSailors Node runners

About CryptoSailors
Hey! We are a small and young community of CryptoSailors that invest in crypto projects and support projects in different testnets. Our main focus is to support projects at the testnet stage and cooperation during the mainet. In our team, there are guys with 5 years of experience in IT, as well as we are trying to develop through social networks, helping newcomers to better understand cryptocurrencies from within.

At the moment, we do not run a node in MainNet. But were testnets that we have successfully completed since our foundation. These projects are: Hopr, Swarm, Orkakuru, Metter, СasperLabs, Clover. Also works on projects such as Agoric, Rizon, Althea, Aleo and others.

We use a variety of hosts to ensure our test nodes run smoothly. We give priority to physical dedicated servers, which we rent in different geographic locations

We pay for dedicated servers, which can be completely different configurations. We allocate a certain percentage of our investments to servers and always create a safety cushion in case of unforeseen expenses.

Вы всегда сможете связаться с нами через почту основателя

We will gladly take part in various vote and discussions in the life of the project. We already have similar experience in the Hopr and Raddicle project


I would be happy to delegate to this candidate, since I already have positive experience of working with them on other projects. Great team and good support for any questions.