Blocksteady Profile

Company: Blocksteady (visit us here)

Blocksteady was formed in 2020 by myself, a crypto enthusiast who has been running validator nodes across various blockchain networks since 2018. Throughout this time expertise was gained on system administration, security and general development operations and the company was formed as I took to running nodes full-time.


Blocksteady seeks to act as a validator on networks identified as most impactful in today’s decentralised ecosystem. Including:

  • Terra (Luna) - mainnet validator awarded community fund delegation
  • Solana - mainnet validator awarded community stake via Tour De Sol participation
  • The Graph - Mission Control testnet participant with 33m staked tokens


Blocksteady maintains security practices which ensures that funds are controlled on hardware wallets of which keys are not stored on any servers associated with networks we are operating on. Servers are secured using all manners one would expect for an internet application such as firewalls exposing only essential ports, no password SSH key login access and hardware authenticated cloud access to server administration.


Blocksteady prides itself on uptime availability and consistency in delivery of a high rate of throughput in transactions. We run all infrastructure with disaster recovery practices in place including the ability to fall back on a previous backup which are taken at regular intervals.

We also run testnet infrastructure on all networks which replicates our production environment to test all upgrades before they are performed on our live nodes.


We primarily use dedicated servers to operate our infrastructure, with a budget which caters to highly resource intensive networks such as Solana. We are in the process of identifying a suitable local data center in Melbourne, Australia to house our own hardware as an alternative to relying on third parties as well as aid in the effort to decentralise the networks we validate on.


We host a Telegram channel in which we encourage our delegators to come and ask us any questions they have about our services. This may be accessed here: Telegram: Join Group Chat


We care deeply about how the networks we are involved with are run, regularly taking part in voting on improvement proposals that have been put forward and contributing to conversation around the important issues raised in the communities.


I just wanted to add to my profile, that in the interest of decentralisation and offering a great UX to Vega users worldwide if chosen I will be establishing this node in an Australian data centre.