P2P Validator Profile

Hello there,

I would like to introduce P2P Validator mainnet candidacy.

P2P.ORG was founded in 2018 with a mission of supporting the most groundbreaking proof-of-stake projects making participation in staking economy safe and simple. At the moment, our staking infrastructure secures $2+ billion of staked assets across 25+ networks including Cosmos Hub, Ethereum, Polkadot/Kusama, Solana, TheGraph, Flow and many more.


Our team has valuable expertise in operating highly-available infrastructure utilizing world-best DevOps practices. P2P has extensive experience in Tendermint based blockchains including active governance participation. We took part in multiple testnets and provided non-custodial staking services from the first block.

Performance & Reliability

We operate cosmos-sdk based chains for years. Our infrastructure is under advanced monitoring, for example we developed and open sourced NuCypher node monitoring suite and Marlin network node monitoring. Our infrastructure is geographically distributed. We use 24/7 alerts to ensure high-availability.

Community & Communication

We regularly write about blockchains on P2P Economy blog publishing staking guides and interesting articles on staking specifics of each network. Our support team is ready to help 24/7 providing technical, informational and educational support. Before the Covid strike we organized the first PoS offline meetup in Moscow and co-organized the first Tezos offline meetup in Moscow.

Anyone can reach us using the following channels:

Final Note

We strongly believe in the growth of fair and open economies. As a staking provider we commit to foster network decentralization, act in the interests of community and provide necessary support to ensure steady and healthy development of Vega protocol.