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About Us
Tecnodes is a forward-looking organization poised at the intersection of technology and decentralized solutions. Our team’s foundation is built upon decades of combined experience in network security, blockchain validation, and high-performance system maintenance. Our passion drives us beyond just being validators; it’s about fostering a more decentralized and collaborative digital future.

Our history is ingrained in the advancement and advocacy of key network systems, ensuring their robustness and integrity. With our in-depth knowledge and hands-on expertise, we position ourselves as one of the reliable pillars supporting the next era of decentralized networks.

Harnessing our background in multiple blockchain platforms, we’ve entrenched ourselves in the heart of various PoS systems, ensuring their optimization and seamless operation. Our dedication is evident from our relentless efforts in contributing to testnets and mainnets alike. We are validating on several CometBFT, Substrate & EVM based networks, a full list can be found on [Tecnodes Networks] (Technodes Network)

Tecnodes is uncompromising when it comes to the safety and security of our operations. Our decades-long engagement in the field enables us to:

  • Ensure keys are stored securely on dedicated hardware devices.
  • Conduct key generation in highly secure environments.
  • Implement redundant systems to eradicate single points of failure.
  • Execute regular backups for swift recovery.
  • Protect user accounts with advanced measures such as MFA.

At Tecnodes, we embrace the best of what technology offers. Our reliance on leading-edge cloud technology ensures that we provide unparalleled uptime and performance. Our systems are geared for growth, capable of scaling as the network demands expand.

Speed, efficiency, and responsiveness are at the core of our operations. We ensure that our infrastructure, while robust, is nimble enough to adapt to the ever-evolving demands of the networks we support.

Openness and transparency are the cornerstones of our communication ethos. We believe in keeping our community and stakeholders informed, and we maintain active channels across platforms like email, Telegram, and our official website, Tecnodes Network. Twitter / X

Our validator can be found on governance portal

Note: The website address is pointing to our old domain, the correct domain is www.tecnodes.network.

Our commitment extends beyond validation. We envision a decentralized future and actively participate in governance to mold the shape of networks we believe in. Our collective wisdom, stemming from various domains, allows us to provide balanced insights, ensuring the long-term success of projects we’re part of.

Join us in our journey to reshape the future, one block at a time.