[Proposal] Set reward.staking.delegation.payoutDelay to 0s from current 72h - rerun

Proposal to set reward.staking.delegation.payoutDelay to 0s from current 72h

Proposal ID: 02ec1f620e3b1718162eacafcb23b31bfca9c3f862619e65a54f96dcd4f7dae9

Set reward.staking.delegation.payoutDelay to 0s .

Rewards for staking get calculated at the end of each epoch. In order to implement reward slashing in future and for security reasons there is an option to delay the payout. The delay is set by reward.staking.delegation.payoutDelay .

Motivation and specification
Our “limited network life checkpoints”, which allow software updates by saving key bits of the Vega chains state (like delegation and balances of accounts) does not store the unpaid delegation rewards.

So that no rewards are unpaid at the next network restart we submitted the governance proposal to set the delay to 0.

Other relevant information
The next version of Vega will fix the issue so once mainnet is upgraded to a newer version it will be possible to restore (via a vote again) this back to 72h.

This is a re-run of the vote on effectively the same proposal which had overwhelming support of but fell short of the required participation of 25%.

Token holders can vote here

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Thank you everyone who engaged with the proposal and many thanks to all the token holders who voted.

We’ve reached just over 30% participation. The vote has passed and the proposal has been enacted:

You can go to e.g. the GraphQL playground to see the new value of the network parameter by running:

query {
  networkParameters {

History has been made as this marks the first successful governance proposal on the Vega mainnet.

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Great day for democracy :slight_smile: Thanks to everyone who voted