Mainnet rewards payout delay

Summary of mainnet issue:


  • High — this does not put the network or funds at imminent risk however funds will be lost/rewards unpaid if it is not addressed.

We are exploring best potential courses of action and will keep you updated.

Quick update, detail to follow after further discussion once a solution has been properly defined and selected:

We are looking at two types of potential action to make sure that no rewards are unpaid at the next network reset:

  1. An on-chain workaround or new governance vote by the community that would resolve the problem ahead of the next code release which would fix the underlying bug
  2. A hotifx to the current chain which resolves this issue directly with a new software release to the validators without requiring a network reset or other highly coordinated activity

We are confident at this stage that no rewards need to go unpaid. At worst some rewards will be paid out 3 days after the epoch ends instead of immediately while we await resolution.

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