[Proposal] Set reward.staking.delegation.payoutDelay to 0s from current 72h

Proposal to set reward.staking.delegation.payoutDelay to 0s from current 72h

Proposal ID: a75f819791e6a65630af26f3dd1bda3bd260cf033136d432e24de9d4282d70f3

Set reward.staking.delegation.payoutDelay to 0s.

Rewards for staking get calculated at the end of each epoch. In order to implement reward slashing in future and for security reasons there is an option to delay the payout. The delay is set by reward.staking.delegation.payoutDelay.

Motivation and specification
Our “limited network life checkpoints”, which allow software updates by saving key bits of the Vega chains state (like delegation and balances of accounts) does not store the unpaid delegation rewards.

So that no rewards are unpaid at the next network restart we submitted the governance proposal to set the delay to 0.

Other relevant information
The next version of Vega will fix the issue so once mainnet is upgraded to a newer version it will be possible to restore (via a vote again) this back to 72h.

Token holders can vote on the proposal on VEGA Token.

Thanks David,

Noting that the current value for reward.staking.delegation.payoutDelay is 1hr

This change makes sense to me. Is the risk of leaving it at 1hr only if the validators restore from a checkpoint during this payout delay period? i.e. if we time a restore accidentally during the hour after the end of an epoch?

Zach, see https://graphql.vega.community/query/playground and run

query {
  networkParameters {

You’ll see the current value is 72h.

I support this proposal. Without it there will be a gap in staking rewards during at least the next network upgrade. This isn’t a big deal. It’s the kind of “rough edge” we expected from the early network and will be fixable fairly easily in future, but I don’t see any reason not to apply this workaround if we can.

:key: If you think it’s a good idea, vote for it here!

Either way we’re learning lots about on chain governance and the experience of proposing and trying to make this change will be very valuable.

The proposal had overwhelming support but fell short of the required participation of 25% of all issued tokens. For this reason it’s being effectively re-run, see this post.

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Very good proposal. Hope, we get participation next time

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