Hi, Vega community,

Here are the details of our application.


We are already running a bloc producer (validator) on Mina mainnet. Our team is based in France.


We have been validating on Mina since the beginning. There we maintained an uptime higher than 99% (look for B62qmM9KDeqvu3TVpQStGJARgg7KppxE8UF3xMdtKV9TDc33kSUGug5:

Currently, in the process of becoming a validator on Kusama. Also, we’re actively looking for promising projects. We’d love to validate on Vega.


We apply strict security configuration to our servers (both mainnet and dev/testnet instances).
To name a few:

  • strongly secured ssh server-side configuration (clients can connect with a certificate only, disallow root login, changing port, etc)
  • set strict firewall rules + access monitoring endpoint through ssh/port forwarding
  • use a cold wallet when possible


We actively monitor our nodes with prometheus/grafana/alerting.
We also automate tasks as much as possible like restarting instances when they become disconnected/lagging. This way, we solve most problems automatically.


We rent dedicated powerful servers in the best data center. It allows us to provide redundancy in various locations (Germany, UK, Finland, Lithuania). So there is no risk of downtime if a data center is in trouble.
Also, it provides us great flexibility to upgrade servers and to keep using the latest hardware like NVMe storage.


The easiest way to reach us is discord: Al3c5#1658


We actively participate in the project we joined. For instance, on Mina which has an active community, we learn what’s good for the ecosystem and participate through discord and polls helping the best improvements.