Lovali validator profile


We are a group of 3 IT and network engineers with 10+ years of experience. We have strong experience in automating and securing global infrastructure in multiple domains such as financial institutions, telcos, defense.


It’s our first experience in running a network validator. We are Vega community members and we would like to take advantage of this opportunity in order to learn and help the Vega ecosystem.


We will secure keys that need to be kept online in a HashiCorp Vault. We plan to secure servers using MFA and applying strict FW policies to ensure a 0 trust environment.

The integrity of each server will be monitored and ensured by collecting and analyzing telemetry data.

All servers will be set up and configured using IaC (infrastructure as code) principle to ensure consistency.


We will rely on public cloud infrastructure, so the compute uptime will be the one offered by the provider.

We will implement service-level monitoring to measure application-level availability and implement real-time monitoring and alerting in order to detect and fix problems as fast as possible. We have a strong record in telemetry, dashboarding and proactive data analysis to prevent failure.


We are planning to run the validator node leveraging public infrastructure. We analyzed both selfhoshosting the infrastructure and using public cloud infrastructure and we considered the public cloud solution more reliable as all major public cloud providers propose anti DDoS protection. By hosting the infrastructure ourselves the bottleneck will certainly be the internet connection.


We don’t have any official communication channel (as the DAO doesn’t exist yet :)), but we will certainly create a discord server to ease communication.


We are already quite active on Vega discord and we would like to be more and more involved.