Question Submissions - Vega AMA with Validator Candidates

Over the last few weeks, validators interested in hosting one of the first nodes of the network have been submitting their applications to the Vega Community Forum. Community members have had a chance to read these and ask questions.

Two days after applications close, Vega is hosting an educational AMA (Ask Me Anything)/Townhall-style event that gives the community the opportunity to further discuss and have these questions answered in real-time. This will be next Wednesday (5pm UTC+1/BST) via a Zoom Webinar - Full event details here (please sign up!)

Before the event, the Vega community members have the chance to submit questions that moderator Barney Mannerings, Vega Co-Founder, will ask validators during the Community Forum Questions segment of the event.

Please ask questions for validators by replying to this thread:


See you on the meeteing!

Absolutely exciting!

I wish to know, what inclusive and transparent aspects you could assure us in time to come as we move along. E.g. regular, even real-time status updates as regards node(s) performance. Being a valued delegator, I would definitely not be adverse to catch up often with what my validator is doing now and then. Accountability is something I seek for very much. Thank you. :bar_chart:

Hi Daigan,

I have few questions:

  • it’s pretty easy to DDoS 13 IP address: does the number of node will grow over time or the number will stay the same forever?
  • leverage public cloud infrastructure would mitigate DDoS problem but selfhosting a node would maximize decentralization. I think a good mix of the two setup would be the best solution: what do you think?

Thank you,

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Has anyone been approached by trading firms looking for research reports or direct advantages by working with you as validators, such as colocation or MEV-type attacks? Is this something we might expect on Vega?