Staking-Power Profile

Team / Company / DAO

Hello, This is Ming from Staking-power team. As an enthusiastic team we’d like to join Vega community to contribute our efforts. We provide staking service and program/build/deploy tools for community.

Team: Staking-power ( Check us out )

Staking-power is a startup based on China since Mar/2021. We focus on providing staking services on POS chains and programming tools.


We take part in community Grant Program such as mobile wallet for Mina protocol. Also, We are running Mina node as a block producer via first round GFM. We are running validator node for Harmony as well (check out here). Additional projects for node operation are including Casper, Near, Keep, Marlin and Concordium.


We take many policies to keep secure and reliable options. Maintain servers on multi-layer protections. The private keys are stored safely and IPs are quiet out of sight.


Nodes will be monitored by prompt tools such as Prometheus and Grafana. If services were down, We are able to restart them immediately. And scripts can be programed for particular needs.


There are some key parameters for validator node operations:

  • Block produce percentage on Mina is 71.4%.
  • Hourly signed percentage on Harmony is 99.9x ~ 100%.


There are three contact windows:


Community governance is very important to keep project growing up. We help Harmony upgrading, voted shard slots number increasing from 800 to 900 and will reach to 1000 at end of this year to maximize decentralization.


Very impressive service of node validator on Mina