VNP-32 Increase from 30 to 50

Update parameter “”

The parameter “” is driving the maximum amount of instructions allowed in a batchMarketInstruction transaction. This transaction is used by market makers and such to provide liquidity. Increasing the size of this transaction will allow markets makers to provider liquidity on more prices levels at once.

Change the value of “” from 30 to 50.

The closing time on the proposal and enactement time have been set to Monday 15th of July, leaving time for review in here, and the minimum 3 days required for voting on chain.

Full Proposal JSON:

  "proposalSubmission": {
    "rationale": {
      "title": "VNP-32 Increase from 30 to 50",
      "description": "VNP-32 Increase from 30 to 50 ()"
    "terms": {
      "enactmentTimestamp": "1721041200",
      "validationTimestamp": "1721041200",
      "updateNetworkParameter": {
        "changes": {
          "key": "",
          "value": "50"

You can find the proposal here for convenience

This has now been proposed for governance VEGA Governance