VNP-20 - Change `transfer.minTransferQuantumMultiple` to `10`

VNP-20 - Change transfer.minTransferQuantumMultiple to 10
Change parameter transfer.minTransferQuantumMultiple to 10

At launch all the parameters relating to spam protection were set at very conservative level and the ongoing suggestion is to relax them as we see more about how the Vega software behaves in mainnet.

This allows smaller internal transfers which helps with various user scenarios.

Parameter transfer.minTransferQuantumMultiple
Change in value from 100 to 10

Full Proposal JSON:

    "rationale": {
      "title": "VNP-020 Change `transfer.minTransferQuantumMultiple` to `10`",
      "description": "Change `transfer.minTransferQuantumMultiple` from `100` to `10` as set out in [VNP-020], discussed in the [Vega Community Forum]("
    "terms": {
      "updateNetworkParameter": {
        "changes": {
          "key": "transfer.minTransferQuantumMultiple",
          "value": "10"
      "closingTimestamp": 1701684000,
      "enactmentTimestamp": 1701684000

Sounds good. Will vote in support.

It’s now on-chain for voting: .

Note that while this is true, if this proposal passes the system will probably be at the limit for transfers until a more sophisticated underlying DOS protection mechanism is in place, and the minimum transfer size shouldn’t be reduced below this level until then.