VNP-31 Increase the max proposal amount per epoch

VNP-31 Increase the max proposal amount per epoch

The current network limit of proposals submission per key per epoch is set to 3.

We are proposing to increase this limit to 10.

Recently some community member have been reporting that this limit might be a little low, and leave really little chance to mistakes (e.g: it can happen validation will fail, you need to fix the proposal, and by the time the proposal is ready to pass, the users can’t submit anymor).

Here’s the full proposal, to be submitted tonight before 00:00 UTC on the 19th if accepted by the community:

  "proposalSubmission": {
    "rationale": {
      "title": "VNP-31 Set to 10",
      "description": "VNP-31 Set to 10 ("
    "terms": {
      "closingTimestamp": "1719100800",
      "enactmentTimestamp": "1719100800",
      "updateNetworkParameter": {
        "changes": {

          "key": "",
          "value": "10"

You can also find this proposal here for convenience.

Makes sense - if we ever see proposal spam we can dial this down / up the governance token requirement.

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This has been proposed for governance VEGA Governance

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gm @banks, I just checked the government proposal above and it didn’t pass the on-chain voting. While it met the majority threshold with sufficient token votes in favour, the participation threshold was not met. You might want to extend this and submit it again if there’s community interest.