VNP-025 Add 17th validator to the network active set


Change parameter network.validators.tendermint.number to 17. The parameter network.validators.multisig.numberOfSigners would remain untouched and stay at 15.


This proposal is similar to the last expansion proposal available here .

The rationale shared here is still valid - the aim is to keep expanding to 20-25 validators over the next 3-6 months.

Closing and enactment is set for 3rd January 2024 to avoid the need for any “surprises” over Christmas.

Full Proposal JSON:

    "rationale": {
      "title": "VNP-025 Add 17th validator to the network",
      "description": "Change `network.validators.tendermint.number` from `16` to `17` to increase decentralisation of the network."
    "terms": {
      "updateNetworkParameter": {
        "changes": {
          "key": "network.validators.tendermint.number",
          "value": "17"
      "closingTimestamp": 1704276000,
      "enactmentTimestamp": 1704279600

Lovali is favorable to the proposal: the long-term vision and the network security are top priorities for us.
Looking forward to collaborating with a new validator.

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