VNP-018 Add 16th validator to the network active set

Validator set expansion to 16
Change parameter network.validators.tendermint.number to 16. The parameter network.validators.multisig.numberOfSigners would remain untouched and stay at 15 once it kicks in on November the 22nd.

Change network.validators.tendermint.number from 15 to 16


This proposal is similar to the last expansion proposal available here.

The rationale shared here is still valid. This proposal is sent to further expand the set now that the chain performs fine at 15. It would as well enable us (GPValidator) to jointhe set again and would support us in running dedicated infrastructure for both the validator as well as the datanode.

Full Proposal JSON:

    "rationale": {
      "title": "VNP-018 Add 16th validator to the network",
      "description": "Change `network.validators.tendermint.number` from `15` to `16` as set out in [VNP-018], available in the Vega Community Forum"
    "terms": {
      "updateNetworkParameter": {
        "changes": {
          "key": "network.validators.tendermint.number",
          "value": "16"
      "closingTimestamp": 1701420793,
      "enactmentTimestamp": 1701507193
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Adding a 16th validator soon makes sense to me. The aim should be to get to 20-25 in ~6 months IMO.

I don’t see an issue with this proposal given there’s a full set of 3 standby validators at the moment.

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The thing is that once we hit a number where no ersatz validators are available, we will have to decide what’s the best for the chain.

Sounds good, just submit to the chain ;-).

I think this is a bit of chicken and egg - if people who generally run validator nodes don’t see empty slots they don’t bother.

Once the number is increased a large(er) number of the ersatz slots becomes available and we should see more validators joining.