Potential questions for Vega quiz

1- What is Vega fully dilluted supply?
2- How is Delegated/Delegation called in Vega?
3- What distinguishes Vega from other networks in the way delegation and staking is done?
4- How long is an epoch in Vega?
5- What is a price taker?
6- What is a price maker?
7. what is an infrastructure provider?
8- what is the last Vega ChainID?
9. which of the following is not an Ethereum scaling solution?
10. which of the following is a Vega zk rollup innovations?
11. what is can trigger the market in to suspended state during continuous trading?
12. what are the allowed types of orders during the price/liquidity monitoring state of a market?

Very nice suggestions, zk rollup was kind of on the previous one but still.

Thanks!! I think people need to get intrigued to read more about ZkRollup and What Vega is doing about it, in research and implementation.
I just think everyone should watch Danny in this vid

This video needs to be featured more!!!