3 interesting points about the whitepaper


in 7.2 Whitepaper there is an interesting explanation about market makers and the provided liquidity. It is also shown in liquidity pricing curve how the low cost of liquidity encourages trading.
How Vegaprotocol reacts (or maybe there is also a solution for this) if a big marketmaker wants to withdraw his tokens at one time. Does it affect the liquidy or can it be dangerous for other traders which are holding positions at same time?

Very important point about 6.6 Market manipulation - it is good, that Vega is having deep and liquid markets, which reduce the possibility of market manipulation. In my opinion it is important to have several marketmarkes and a good mechanism to save liquidity.

I noticed that there is in 6.4 an Insurance pool, which makes the trading more save. Sometimes stock exchanges are setting short selling bans in case of a market crash. Does Vegaprotocol practices short selling bans in case of Crypto Market crash?