Overview about Vega Protocol

Vega Protocol is a proprietary blockchain, optimized for trading and providing a level of derivatives scaling for Web3 applications. It provides investment-banking-level trading software for the entire blockchain ecosystem, connecting to multiple Tier 1 networks, starting with Ethereum.

Vega Protocol has a key idea in building the infrastructure to develop web3 and DeFi, and create a new world of finance. It is important for the Vega Protocol team to be able to not only compete with CeFi, but also to surpass CeFi and gain control of markets, products in the hands of the community.

Partners and Bakers:
Popular partners and bakers of the project include: PANTERA CAPITAL, HASHED, CMS HOLDINGS, COINBASE VENTURES, ZEE PRIME CAPITAL and others. The detailed list of all partners and bakers, and also participants of the market and liquidity program is given here.

About the Ambassador Program:

Vega+ ambassadors will become the backbone of the Vega community. Candidates who fill out the form will be key members of the community, thereby expanding the Vega Protocol team. The ultimate goal is for participants to progress through the ranks, reaching a more senior rung where they begin co-leading teams within the Ambassador Program itself (i.e. co-leading content makers or a builders club with the Vega team).

What are the categories of Ambassador and what do they need to do?

Screened ambassadors will have to choose 1 of 3 categories that best suits them.

  • The first category is the content creator team. These are designers, writers, editors and other creative people who create announcements from the team, edit articles, manage social media content and create infographics.
  • The second category is the buildersā€™ club. These are people who do the technical side, programming, documentation development and support.
  • The third category is the multilingual league. These are translators, people who form language groups, form individual events for each group, and manage them.