Overview about VEGA protocol AngelDelN

Vega is creating the critical infraestructure for web3 and defi to mature and birth a thriving new world of finance, They are building a future of finance to rival or outdo, CeFi where control of the markets, products and fees is in the community hands a new radicle way to make financial products. And the tools to create decentralised markets that give centralised versions a run for their money. Permissionless innovation is enabled by smart products which allow anyone to create products and propose new markets. This works in tandem with a decentralised margin system using a suite of risk models based on coherent risk measures to enable the safe trading of arbitrarily complex nstruments in an environment with zero expected recovery in the event of default.

Vega has top world class backers, only the best on the industry.

From the early steps of the protocol they build a strong ecosystem start from his own blockchain developed on COSMOS.

In VEGA tokens are standard Open-Zeppelin ERC20 tokens with an initial total supply of 64,999,723 VEGA. This supply will remain constant unless the community votes to issue more tokens after the mint-lock has expired.

This is only a quick overview about this protocol. I invite you to try on https://console.fairground.wtf/ or the website https://vega.xyz/