5 Quick questions about VEGA protocol

1- What is Vega fully dilluted supply?

VEGA tokens are standard Open-Zeppelin ERC20 tokens with an initial total supply of 64,999,723 VEGA . This supply will remain constant unless the community votes to issue more tokens after the mint-lock has expired.

2- What distinguishes Vega from other networks in the way delegation and staking is done?

Basically the Fully decentralized market creation one of the mayor goals in the industry, for that the staking have a unique feature and is the distribution of the rewards on the blockchain to every stake holder.

3- How many validators are currently validating the Vega Mainnet1?

To date we have 13 validators with diferents APY up to 12%

4- How long is an epoch in Vega Mainnet1?

Every 24 hours

5- How do I propose a market?

To propose a market via the Vega APIs, a user must define a set of specific inputs as parameters. If all of the inputs pass validation, the market proposal will enter into a voting period, the length of which is set in the governance proposal, subject to minimums set as network parameters.