Conditional CSS on state for Market Proposals

when I open the details on a market proposal in governance I’d like to see the td rows on crucial properties colored conditionally

  • if the value is suspicious β†’ orange background
  • if the value seems unreasonable β†’ red background
  • lower barrier for people new to markets to vote on them, plus it is educational
  • protects people from voting for unrational market proposals
    I assume there is already some sort of state validation protection on this when a user creates a market proposal.
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This is a cool ideaβ€”would be great to have something like this. We’ll create a ticket and see about adding it in a future release.

Interested to hear what you think might make a flag:

  • odd or way out of range parameter values
  • oracles not in the well known repo
  • …

Also would be neat to use the forum API to show summaries of any posts about that proposal that have been made over here, so you can quickly tell if there’s been discussion about the proposal that might be worth reading.

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Eg for a new futures market proposal some obvious params to apply conditional styling on would be

  • commitmentMinTimeFraction: β€œ0.01”,
  • slaCompetitionFactor: β€œ0”,
  • triggeringRatio: β€œ0.99”,

maybe any market that is below a certain market cap should be flagged for now
maybe any market proposed below a certain trading volume should be flagged