About the Governance Initiated Transfers category

Propose to create a new transfer from any network-managed accounts to fund an initiative or on-chain reward scheme

Get started:

Create a topic about it in the “Governance initiated transfers” subcategory (one topic per proposal):

Title: VGT-[Number] Create governance initiated transfer [Date]

Then describe your proposal in as much detail as you can:

Transfer summary

  • Purpose of transfer
  • One-off or recurring

Transfer Details:

  • Asset
  • Transfer amount per epoch
  • Start and end epoch
  • Decay factor (if applicable)

If transfer is to fund a reward pool:

  • Metric to be used to allocate the reward
  • Asset used to track that metric
  • Is reward for individuals or teams (coming soon)
  • Markets in scope for reward
  • Lock period
  • Eligibility requirements

Full details of the required fields and templates for the proposal JSON can be found in the tutorial linked at the top of the page.

Full Proposal JSON:

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