Governance Voting Transparency Improvement Proposal

Kindly requesting a view when looking at a proposal’s detail showing all who voted on a proposal block so one can quickly get a read on how exactly voting went. :smiling_face:

Thank you for your time


I support it, we need to make the voting more open!

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Definitely would be nice to add this in the governance app.

As I mentioned in Discord, for now you can get that detail from this API on your favourite data node (check the node’s retention if you are looking for old data, though): List governance data | Vega Protocol Documentation

And here’s a CSV of all the votes on all the proposals so far, taken from that API.

votes_all.csv (396.3 KB)

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Have created a couple of tickets for this.

Cant give a clear view on exactly when they will be delivered. Needs to go through prioritisation.

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