Announcing launch of our Markets and Liquidity Programme

I am so excited to let you all know about a new programme we’ve launched today with a group of amazing liquidity providers, market makers and market creators who have joined as founding members.

The Markets and Liquidity Programme is designed to provide all the information and support required by these professionals to evaluate Vega both commercially and technically, as we gear up to launch our public testnet in the next few months.

Market making on Vega promises to be a really compelling offering since by disintermediating the typical exchange operations, we are able to transparently redirect the bulk of the trading fees to market makers (the rest are used for rewarding those running and securing the network). Further to this, market makers who join a market early have the chance to earn rewards that grow significantly with the growth of the market (kind of like incubating a startup as a VC).

If you’re interested in learning more, see the high-level description of the programme below and I’d love to discuss it further either on this forum or DM / email


The Markets And Liquidity Programme aims to provide the necessary information for market and trading professionals to evaluate Vega commercially and technically, and collaborate to refine the protocol and progress towards launch.

Phase 1 (May – July):

  • Onboarding to Vega Testnet and education on the protocol and mechanism design
  • Opportunity for dialogue and collaboration with Vega and other participants around risk mitigation and incentives in the protocol

Phase 2 (Aug – Oct):

  • Exploration with Vega engineering and quant team of market ideas and how to create successful markets at launch
  • Access to tools and workshops for detailed market, revenue and risk analysis of the protocol and launch market ideas

Phase 3 (Nov – Dec):

  • Collaboration on specific market ideas
  • Information sharing and access to Vega team and validators ahead of launch

What are the benefits of joining?

Exclusive access to launch planning and markets:

  • Onboarding to Vega’s Testnet and access to engineering team to support with integration
  • Access to Vega’s protocol design,quant, and technical teams and modelling tools to enable the development of strategies and business models
  • Inclusion in planning the launch of the Vega network with validators and other stakeholders, including discussions around initial markets and setting protocol parameters (i.e. market protection, fee and incentive levels, etc.)
  • Input into features and roadmap discussions

Partnering with Vega:

  • Co-authoring thought leadership around decentralised trading
  • Inclusion in our press release announcement of the program

How do I join?

Either message me here, post in the forum or email me at saying you’d like to join.

What’s the time commitment?

Phase 1 we ask a 1 hour testnet onboarding and attendance of our 2 hour seminar.

Does joining = committing to market make?

No, Phase 1 and Phase 2 are all about learning and collaborating, without any specific commitments. Phase 3 will dig deeper into the launch process and how to commit to market making.

When is mainnet?

We are targeting Q4 2020 for mainnet.

What markets will exist on mainnet?

Launch markets will be cash settled futures with a mix of underlyings; both crypto pairs and traditional assets. Settlement will be in crypto assets, primarily stablecoins and major cryptocurrencies.

Underlyings may be crypto related concepts (such as BTC/USD, hashprices) or alternatively traditional financial indices (such as the S&P 500, Eurodollar, commodity prices etc.). Covid-19 may spur markets to launch based on economic indicators, such as airline fuel consumption or city pollution indices.

Members of this program will have the opportunity to work closely with other members, validators, and the community to develop, model, calibrate and risk assess launch markets.


I am interested in joining, is it too late?


Thanks for your interest @pkr. I just received your email - let’s chat about it. I’ll DM you :smiley:


Hey @tamlyn - Super curious! Still time to follow through?


Hi @jayd - welcome to the community! I’ll DM you!

Hello @tamlyn - Can i join as well ?


I am interested in joining. Can I still sign up?


Hi @Derek_Ross welcome to the community. I’ll DM you regarding your request.