☎ Community Call #1 [Past]

Hello! Welcome to the first Vega Community Call. This will be a forthnightly event for the community to meet, share updates from Vega and asks questions. Everyone is welcome :slight_smile: If you have something you’d like to discuss please raise it here.

Registration link: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_7vikWHufQfqE0CJ5pmrowA


  1. Hello world from Christina, Community

  2. Release notes, Vega Core Progress Update from Edd, Head of Engineering

  3. Market Creation Functionality Roll out from Tamlyn, Head of Markets and Strategy

  4. Update from Barney, Co-Founder

  5. Questions and wrap up.



Notes from call


  • Rolled out governance proposals for the purpose of market creation into our testnet. This includes:

    • Being able to submit a governance transaction to the blockchain that proposes a new futures market. Included in that transaction is of course, a bunch of data that defines the instrument and market.
    • Being able to vote on that proposal.
    • If the vote passes, having that market automatically launched into a “pending state” which comprises an opening auction, and then at the “enactment time” launches into a continuous trading mode with a limit order book.
  • Available via GRPC APIs on Testnet, with REST APIs coming in the next release.

  • Tamlyn demonstrating a walkthrough of this at Dystopia Labs’ Liquidity 2020 conference this Sunday 18th October 6.30pm London time.

  • Ran a (Covid-compliant) mini-hackathon with Vega team members and community members with the challenge of creating 2-3 markets to propose on Testnet. Created 2 markets; eth gas futures and YFI/DAI futures.

  • Next mini-hack will take place in the next 2-4 weeks and open to the community. This will be advertised on all channels.

Update from Edd, Head of Engineering

  • Wendy, the little fairness widget by Klaus Kursawe (Blockchain researcher at Vega) is being updated.
  • See Klaus’s presenting at the AFT conference 21st October - sign up here.
  • Price monitoring and ERC20 bridge are both in testing.
  • Coming up in next release is improving the life of node runners and liquidity protocol.

Update from Barney, Co-Founder

  • Vega is sponsoring ETHOnline, see intro video and workshop
  • Developing more ways to get involved with the community but in the meantime join us on discord, forum and twitter.
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