Announcing launch of our Markets and Liquidity Programme

I’m ready as well :innocent:

Hi @Stoff! It won’t be much longer before the mechanism for liquidity mining is live on testnet, and then you’ll be able to try it out for yourself. We’ll be sure to announce here - as @tamlyn said above, and on Discord, once the functionality goes live. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @wly - thanks so much for your interest in Vega, and for reaching out! Details on how to get tokens will be announced through our social channels soon, including here, Discord and Twitter.

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Can I be a Vega community agent in China? It’s incubation projects

I’m metacartel ventures China, an investment institution. We want to invest in Vega. We can invest in Vega privately and incubate it in China. Please contact me if you need!

Hi everyone ! How can I join the Markets and Liquidity Programme?

Hi there, can you let me know how to get tokens? Could you add me to your mailing list as well, thank you x

Hey guys! How can I join the program?


Hi Tamlyn and team. This does look interesting and would love to be part of the testing. I’m in the process of reviewing the protocol and setting up a wallet. When does the protocol go live?

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Hi @PauloPaulo, thanks for your interest! We shared details about the roadmap in this blog post - @tamlyn will be sharing more about how the community can take part in providing liquidity soon - hopefully by this time next week.