VGT2 - Funding request to seed innovative markets on Vega, and immediately commence much-needed marketing activity

Hi all,

I said I would write on this thread with my plan for the next couple of weeks, so here goes…

I will need a little bit of time to liquidate VEGA for USDT to avoid impacting the price of the token unnecessarily. I have begun selling tokens on Gate, and will continue to do so over the next couple of weeks.

At the same time, I have been speaking to the Discord user “alright” who also submitted a research proposal requesting funding from the CAF. They wanted to spend time investigating techniques that would lead to adoption of Vega. They have agreed to work with me to ensure the first campaigns are well design and able to reach a wide audience that leads to adoption of Vega by our target users. We will begin working together from this week and they will be paid directly on the Vega chain using VEGA tokens transferred from the CAF to my public key included in the original proposal.

I’ve separately reached out to a designer that I know and who I highly respect. He has agreed to create digital assets that will be used online to promote trading quests on Vega. I think it will be important to have engaging content that captures the user’s attention to ensure they read on about how to partake in the competitions. This work has already begun and will be ready soon.

We will plan for the first quest to go live on the 5th of July, as “alright” is unavailable between 23rd and 29th of June. I am also unavailable from 26th June to 1st July.

In the meantime, I intend to deploy liquidity to the VEGA/USDT spot market on Vega as discussed here. I also plan to launch some new non-crypto markets on Vega (probably EURUSD and Gold perps in the first instance) as discussed in this thread. I will deploy liquidity to these markets too, and it will be important for these markets to be live before any campaigns start.

If it’s a little quiet in the run up to the 5th of July, that’s expected and normal, as we will be busy ensuring everything is in place for a successful first campaign.

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback - thanks.

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