Interesting points from the Vega whitepaper

  1. Vega architecture:
    The Vega protocol being designed to be implemented in a distributed and decentralised manner on a network of nodes that may be the same or distinct from trading parties participating in markets goes a long way to maintain the mirror state of the network through the nodes. This is interesting as clients can readily connect to any infrastructure node and send orders for any available market, perform market actions, and participate in the governance of the network or markets.

  2. The Platform Vega intends to create would pave the way for a more equitable and accessible financial system that does not favor or exclude certain groups. It’s incredible that the initiative sees permissionless global markets as having the capacity to not only improve on what we have now, but also to fundamentally rethink how we use economic tools to achieve better outcomes for everyone.

  3. The fact that products are considered as if they were black boxes goes on to indicate that the protocol defines the points of interaction between products and other network components, but it does not interpret or regulate product functioning. This intrigued me indeed. Massive.