VNP-013 Changes to Proposal Voting way

Vega currently has very low turnout. To achieve higher vote turnout, I suggest the following voting method:

Individual Voting → Validator Voting.

If an individual opinion and a validator opinion is not same, individual can re-delegate to a validator who same with his/her opinion. it is expected higher vote turnout will occur in a still free environment.

This is on the roadmap.

I was thinking the same looking at previous proposals, but most people vote last minute.

My idea about delegation is more like: If you do not vote yourself, you vote the same as the validator.

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Good idea. It would be great if we may delegate validators to vote. There are two options: delegate to validators/someone (delegator) or delegate yourself to vote. That will make the governance voting process more active

Hi @olympus,

Yes we are looking at various options for voting delegation. What you suggests make sense and it’s one of the things we’re considering. That would require code changes and testing and thus would take time (and take time away from other features).

However we are looking into suggesting lowering the participation thresholds on various votes (to maybe 1%-2%) and lengthening the minimum voting periods (to maybe 7d). This way all proposals can get enough scrutiny but we don’t need to rely on large participation for uncontroversial parameter tweaks.

I’ll try to post a proper proposal for this soon.


I do not think the minimum voting period should be longer. Yes, in most cases it’s requmended to leave it open for 7 days, but the community must at least have the option to open a market in 24 hours, if there is support from a LP.

For example to have a market live the same day or the day after a hypecoin launches. That could be great way to get attention.

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I oppose extending the minimum voting period to one week. I hope the minimum voting period is 24 hours.

If we want to keep it to 24h then we’d have to keep relatively high participation thresholds to ensure the proposal had reasonable scrutiny.

The aim is broadly to reduce the participation requirement at the cost of increasing the period (to achieve comparable levels of scrutiny).

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I think this point is super important. Having the ability to open a market within 24hrs with the support of an LP will help vega remain competitive and capture market sure early on for hyped launches.

Futhermore, MMs who have market-making deals with large projects could opt to come to vega knowing they can launch a market relatively quickly.