Settlement discussion thread for EGLP futures market

Settlement discussion thread for EGLP futures market

This thread is a placeholder to discuss settling the EGLP futures market when sufficient information is available to do so.

The Eigen Layer team announce their plans for token issuance recently, which will eventually provide the information needed to settle the points futures markets listed on Vega.

At the time of creating this thread there does not appear to be enough information available about the value of 1 Eigen Layer point to settle the market, however input or opinions from other community members would be welcome below.

The full announcement from Eigen Layer can be found below:

Some other potentially useful links and info:

The market details on the Vega chain, via Block Explorer, which can be verified using the markets API on any Vega node.

Arguments supplied to settlement contract on Arbitrum that uses UMA Optimistic Oracle, which can be verified in the market details above:

  "bondCurrency": "0xFF970A61A04b1cA14834A43f5dE4533eBDDB5CC8",
  "enactmentDate": "2024-03-12T11:00:00Z",
  "ipfsLink": "ipfs://bafybeiazlsl2ilitnh4p3fm7hsem73qsf5bk5l24in2zlso2gtr5t22eai",
  "liveness": 28800,
  "marketCode": "EGLP/USDT.POINTS",
  "maximumBond": 100000000000,
  "minimumBond": 500000000,
  "quoteName": "USDT"

The settlement instructions are found at and can be verified at the IPFS link in the arguments above: ipfs://bafybeiazlsl2ilitnh4p3fm7hsem73qsf5bk5l24in2zlso2gtr5t22eai.

You can use an IPFS Gateway to view these instructions if you don’t run a node, and I’ve also pasted them in a new message below.

Note that the arguments and therefore instructions can be changed via discussion followed by governance, if consensus forms that a change is needed to correctly settle the market.

Instructions found at ipfs://bafybeiazlsl2ilitnh4p3fm7hsem73qsf5bk5l24in2zlso2gtr5t22eai