Close LINK/USDT-231231 in favor of LINK/USD-PERP

The LINK/USDT-231231 hasn’t traded in a significant way for a few weeks. The LINK/USD-PERP market is getting all the volume. I propose closing the DEC futures market so the liquidity on that book can transfer over to the LINK perp book. There is a single market maker on the 12/31 market and have a liquidity commitment tied up in something that is fragmenting the liquidity for the protocol.

Have you considered what price you’d like to close it at and when?

Currently the market closure proposal doesn’t support oracles, the final settlement price needs to be hardcoded in the proposal itself.

Sorry, I was too much into the perps markets lately.

There’s of course the option to modify the traiding termination and settlement so that a fixed expiry futures market settles early and uses the oracle.

It may also be worth changing the oracle so that it doesn’t need to be a signed message. Chainlink provides a LINK/USD feed: LINK / USD | Chainlink