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Greetings to all :wave:t2:

Zunami Lab

Zunami Lab is a group of crypto enthusiasts who participated in more than 25 crypto projects. Our team consists of several full-stack developers, marketing and devOps professionals.


The projects we’ve participated in many (30+) testnets like The Graph, Hopr, HydraDx, Zeitgeist, Nym, Aleo, Ironfish, Oasis and many others, handling both technical things and media activity.


Security is the #1 priority in crypto world, so we take it seriously. Apart from various security steps (firewalls, IP locks, intrusion monitoring) we’re open to any external security audit.


All of our 25+ servers are geographically spread across the globe and shared between our private cloud and TIER-1 hosting companies like Amazon, Digital Ocean and Hetzner. We take seriously our uptime, so we’ve build a unified monitoring stack to control the state of all servers. Apart from that, our devOps guys are always on watch to handle any challenges.


We have a stack of private servers (16-128 CPU cores, redundant 10TB NAS, nVidia Tesla server GPUs) as well as the hardware resources of Amazon and Digital Ocean.


Feel free to drop a message to hello@zunami.io


We believe we have enough expertise in crypto projects to participate in Vega votings and perhaps become a mainnet validator. Be sure that we’ll do our best to provide an excellent performance.

Sincerely your,
Zunami Lab team