Withdrawals live on testnet

Depositing ERC20 assets from Ropsten to Vega Testnet has been live for a while, but withdrawals haven’t been available through the UI… until now! Actually until last week, but we wanted to run some additional tests, but it’s now available for everyone.

You can read up the specifics of how they work in our blog post about the ERC20 bridge here: https://medium.com/vegaprotocol/vega-erc20-bridge-331a5235efa2, but the short version is that once you’ve elected to withdraw your assets, they’ll be temporarily locked. The validators then sign a multisig bundle that the user then sends to the smart contract to release the collateral back to the chosen Ethereum address. Or the really short version: it only takes a few clicks.

Building the UI to take the user through this workflow gave us some ideas that we’ve also integrated back in to the Deposit workflow, which just simplifies and clarifies a few steps in the process, so you’ll see some minor cosmetic changes there too.