Who, What and When of Community

What is happening, where, and who will be there?



A big month for the Vega team starting with @rebecca and @barney who travelled to Seoul for D.FINE Korea Blockchain week where Barney spoke on the DeFi Discussion Panel.

@candida, @rebecca and I will be going to Osaka for Devcon this weekend. We’ll be attending the conference alongside numerous side events so hit us up if you’re keen to meet. If you, like me, will be in need to decompress in a tranquil manner after what I’m sure will be an incredibly hectic week there’s talks of a countryside visit on Saturday 12th so get in touch if you want to zen-out.

After that I’ll be in LA from 13th-21st of October for LA Blockchain week and the CIS Summit before we rally the troops and several of us gather in SF for SF Blockchain week. Will update with more details but let me know if you’re keen to come to our events, talks, partner or meet the team :hibiscus:


Exciting month for Vega! Hope everything goes well :slight_smile: