Whitelist emails, when expected pls

can anyone share with me please when whitelist emails are expected to be sent.
The registration starts the 25th, and emails are sent before that. Are we going to have some time before or just instant before that.



How do I add my email to the whitelist list? thanks。 my email is : weilinqiang2008@gmail.com

Hey @Zoume_0x - the email has gone out now so it should be in your inbox. Please note that the whitelist registration does not open until tomorrow.

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Hi @linqiang, the community whitelist registration list was open to anyone who was already signed up to a Vega community channel on/before 18 May.

Hi candida

What a pity, I just saw this news. Thank you very much for your reply.

candida via Vega <vega1@discoursemail.com>于2021年5月24日 周一下午10:14写道:

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We did intentionally keep it quiet as we wanted to recognise our community members for supporting us early on. But welcome to the community now!

Besides the existing sale, there will be incentives for trying out testnet coming soon, as well as developer bounties right now. We’ll share details on our channels, and you can learn more at https://fairground.wtf.

Thanks!!! got it dropped

My email id is (removed)
I have not received any email for whitelist as of now

Been trying to get in the whitelist on all channels

Please help.

Kind Regards


Hi @tintin - if you were not registered on one of our community channels on/before 19 May, then you won’t be on the whitelist, I am sorry to say.

Hi Kenneth, the whitelist was open only to community members who were registered on one of our channels on/before 18 May, as we wanted to give our existing community members a chance to take part.

I’ve added whitelist, my email 578374206@qq.com

sorry for noticing you question later. But to be eligible you had to be part of the community way before. Please take a look at all the details about whitelisting and very important announcements as materials for after the launch. And i mean it. There will be incentivized testing and docs about mining and staking lp within Vega.

I urge everyone to test Vega, just to have a taste about how special this thing is

Hi @candida , i’ve been here like 3-4 months… i am waiting to get whiteliste too… i did not get any email from you too :frowning:
i did not join to telegram or twitter, i really wanted to be part of this sale, it is a pitty thing to i missed it right ?
there is any chance to get sale for early participants ?
looking forward to get answer

@candida , look at this post sent on 19 feb.