Where to see Vega people this week

Hey Everyone

We have a few events this week which you might find interesting.

Today Klaus is presenting Wendy at the AFT 2020 conference, at 4.50pm BST which we are all really excited by because the line up of speakers is impressive (and therefore very fitting for our Klaus ;-)). George Danezis (Facebook Calibra/University College London), great mate and co-author of Vega’s white paper is also on the bill. There has got to be some advantage to this crazy semi locked down situation and maybe it is that this year you get to attend AFT (really hard to get tickets normally) and its free. So sign up, learn something, have fun and then send Klaus a message … he loves to talk about Wendy. We shared the new, evolved Wendy Grows Up with y’all at the weekend so you had a sneak preview before anyone else, this conference is where we launch it to the rest of the world … so if you haven’t read it, still time to be one of the first.

Sign up to see Klaus present here

Then tomorrow (Thursday 22nd October 12.40pm BST) Barney is hosting the Roundtable on Crypto Derivatives – a new path to decentralized digital products at The Trading Show Europe 2020. This is a great conference for traders, it lives more in the traditional markets than the crypto ones, so we are really looking forward to the discussion. Again, tickets this year are free of charge, so we would love to see you at the table with Barney.

Sign up here and let me know if you are joining, I’ll see you there (in fact I might find some really gnarly questions for Barney, I love to watch him process the hard ones on the spot … I can never find one that he doesn’t nail though … want to help me??)

You already know about this one but I thought I would mention it again, Tamlyn is running our ‘Hack, Create and Launch a Market’ workshop this Thursday at 6pm BST. Did you see her demo this functionality at Liquidity 2020? It is seriously orrr-sum (as we say in the Antipodes) and ground breaking, and many of our partners say it is the reason they invested in Vega, rewatch on the link, I think you need to sign in but that isn’t particularly arduous …

but to watch is one thing, to DO IT YOURSELF is a whole new level of fun … so come play on Thursday, Tamlyn LOVES to talk about crazy markets that people will one day create on Vega, I promise, you will have enjoy it … and again, you will be the first. You can say, " I was there when …’

Sign up to workshop here

I hope you get some joy from these and please feel free to share the links and spread the Vega joy.




Hi Rebecca

I will be attending Barney’s Roundtable on Crypto Derivatives at The Trading Show Europe 2020 tomorrow. I am looking forward to it :grinning:


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Fantastic! It should be great.

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