Wetez Validator Profile

Hello from Wetez! So pleased to be here. :laughing:

Who is Wetez

Wetez is a professional staking service provider team in the PoS ( Proof of Stake) field.

What does Wetez offer

  • For institutions, we provide the most secure and efficient node management service;
  • For individual investors, we provide convenient delegation service and tool for rewards.
  • At the same time, Wetez is a mobile wallet especially designed for PoS.

Wetez’s experience as validator

Wetez has been working in the staking space for nearly 3 years, and has not been recorded by Slash, and the uptime is guaranteed to be around 99%.

We provide staking as service for over 20 projects:

Mainnet like Matic, Tezos, Cosmos, Kava, Harmony, Polkadot/Kusama, Oasis, Akcash, Near, Chainlink, Solana, Chainx,Irisnet, IOST, Wanchain, Icon, Aion, Pchain, IoTx, etc.

On the Tezos project, Wetez Baker, who used to be the first in Chinese bakers. Wetez is the creation validator of Cosmos and IRISnet, and ranked 63 on Cosmos and 6th on IRISnet currently.

There are many networks still in the testnet stage, many potential projects have our support as well. We will continue to empower individual rights that PoS consensus brings in the future.

Wetez’s Achievement

To learn more about Wetez, I listed the current achievements of Wetez in Chinese community.

  • 120+ original articles about blockchains,especially in the PoS Staking field, including nearly 10 Cosmos articles,to introduce PoS Consensus and PoS Staking.
  • 10+ Wechat groups with almost 5000 followers
  • **50+**Online speech about PoS consensus
  • Hold Staking economy and project(Cosmos,Irisnet,etc.) meetups with Blockchain Media in Beijing, and discussed the philosophy and design mechanism of PoS.
  • Published a book, named Understanding the PoS consensus of blockchain, introduces different modules of PoS and how to design a better Staking module.
  • Full-feature mobile wallet for Android and IOS (Support Cosmos, Tezos and Irisnet), and was the first wallet to support Cosmos and IRISnet’s delegate and transfer functionality.
  • Helped Cosmos gain a wide range of knowledge in China by educating the community, and got the delegation grant from Interchain foundation.

Our Liquidity Staking Product----StaFi

After three years of accumulation and precipitation in the field of Staking, Wetez team has launched another product - StaFi, which focuses on solving the liquidity problem of staking products. When Users stake PoS token via StaFi rToken App, StaFi Staking Contracts will calculate the number of rToken that the user should receive based on the real-time exchange rate and issue them to the user. rToken can be traded and transferred at any time. Stakers could enjoy efficient liquidity and maximized staking rewards at the same time.

Currently StaFi already supports liquidity staking of ETH, FIS (StaFi Native Token), DOT, KSM, ATOM, and MATIC. Users will receive rETH, rFIS, rDOT, rKSM, rATOM, and rMATIC when staking through the StaFi rToken App, and later will also gradually support BNB (rBNB), SOL (rSOL) and other liquidity staking will be supported in the future.

In addition to product advancement, StaFi is also actively creating more usage cases for rToken. For example, rToken is now integrated with Curve, Uniswap,Yearn, Convex, Pancake,Quickswap, imToken and other DeFi protocols to increase the liquidity of rToken. Recently, StaFi has also partnered with “Lending Market for Liquid Staking Assets” Liqee to provide rToken holders with secured lending usage cases to help rToken holders get higher returns than direct staking.

For more rToken usage cases

Research on Leveraged Staking

Communicate with Wetez

We would love to communicate with you, and can be reached by the following ways:

Official website |Twitter | Medium | Email


Great profile, staking derivative of Vega would be interesting .


A great team! Looking forward to the staking service of Vega. :100:

rToken would help Vega improve the staking rate.


Great, Expect rVega.

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A great team! Expect the staking service of Vega.

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Great product, I really want to try it.
Leave a name before the fire.

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The wetez team is very professional and the income is stable

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Great job Wetez team! thanks for everything you do for the community!

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