Web app to visualise and manage Vega Governance proposals [Completed]

Github Issue (Web app to visualise and manage Vega Governance proposals [801 DAI] · Issue #2 · vegaprotocol/bounties · GitHub)
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Please see Github issue or Gitcoin bounty page for full details, including how to apply to participate :heart:


Governance plays a key part in the permissionless functionality built into Vega, we are interested in building a very visual way to manage and vote on proposals for those participating in the testnet. With this in mind this bounty is all about creating a mobile friendly web based portal to view, manage and submit proposal votes.

Acceptance criteria

  • Web based portal that will visualise current governance proposals available on Vega network.
  • Web browser notifications on new proposals or be able to subscribe (via email etc) to when a specific proposal enters different phases of governance process.
  • Ability to sign in and submit a vote for a proposal using either the Testnet hosted wallet or a local Vega wallet.
  • Provide links to forums and other supporting channels i.e. discord where a proposal can be discussed.
  • Provide links to documentation or guide on how to vote for new markets/assets/etc.
  • Mobile device friendly/mobile first design.

Bounty reward

For this bounty, we will provide a bounty reward of up to 801 DAI for each integration, please work with us to ensure the solution is acceptable. Please use the Gitcoin platform to participate.

Resources for Developer

Questions & Reviews

You can reach out to us for any queries on our Discord Chat or post your questions here on the community forum topic.

We’re a friendly team and are very keen to help where possible.

Keep Calm and Buidl On!

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This bounty has been completed, thanks for the interest and look out for more exciting tasks in the not too distant future.