We raised $5+ million in a seed round led by Pantera Capital!

Our seed round closed with more than $5 million in investment from strategic partners like our lead investors Pantera Capital. We’re also happy to have the support of Xpring, Hashed, NGC Ventures, gumi Cryptos Capital, Rockaway Blockchain, KR1, Eden Block, Focus Labs, Greenfield One, Monday Capital, RSK Ecosystem Fund, and a select group of private investors.

Here’s our full announcement, and I’ll share some of my favourite coverage here too. If you’ve read any that you think are worth highlighting, please share them!

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Greenfield One included this graphic of global capital in their blog post about investing in Vega. (Source: World Money January 2019) Seeing the size of the global derivatives markets compared to others helps put such fantastical-sounding numbers into better perspective.

This CoinTelegraph post did a great job giving an overview of projects working on decentralised derivatives: https://cointelegraph.com/news/blockchain-in-crypto-trading-how-do-decentralized-instruments-work

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