Wave validator profile

Team: Wave

Wave is a team of 3 engineers structured arround a Dev Ops, a BackEnd Engineer and a Tech lead. We are currently securing arround 20 millions assets in USD.
There is a non-exhaustive list of valdiator we are running


We have successfully participated into many tendermint based chain adversial testnets and mainnet with a good ranking and a highs security, availability and a redundant infra.


We are sticking to the best practice with Sentries β†’ relay nodes β†’ validator β†’ HSM


Prometheus analytics, Prometheus node exporter, grafana and others script for DDOS mitigation and reporting tools.


Our main infra is deployed in Google Cloud, our backup infra is using OVH.


The best way to have a quick answer is: Discord: @Waves#9228 and Telgram: @WaveWays


We don’t abstain on governance proposal and actively discuss the tradeoff of each proposal for the networks we are validating.

We also believe that the anonymity is stronger and more resilient than the reputation in many aspects of the blockchain world.