VGT-4 Request funding to run API Nodes

Hi everyone,

As most of you might have notice, the API nodes (datanode) ran by the validators or community members are for most of them of poor quality. By that I mean, not all functionnality are available, some are slow, some are not even working at all (see screenshot). This makes the experience with the console app suboptimal when you’d the most up to date data in order to place trades.

Now for a bit of context, I’ve been running the datanode on mainnet, since the start of trading (May 2023). This has been so far the best datanode, always up and running, with the best latency / response time, all features enabled and reasonnable retention of data necessary for people to use the network efficiently (see screenshot as well for comparisons).

This comes without saying that running this has a cost. The servers costs 250$ a month, which I took on to pay myself since mai 2023. I’m exclude from these costs the personal time spent to provide this services (provided for free for any users so far).

Now, with this proposal I’m asking the community to contribute to the costs of this service via a governance initiated transfer. I’m also offering to run more nodes (starting with an extra one first, and more if the community feels it’s necessary and the services provided are adequates in the nears future).

Here’s the amount of token I’m suggesting first, I’m happy to take in any feedback to adjust up or down these numbers:

  • 2000 $VEGA per nodes per month, (~$400 at current price)
  • for a duration of 6 months to start with
  • run 2 nodes

Which would give us 2000 * 2 * 6 = 24000 $VEGA.

For convenience, you can find the proposal here


Darling Network is the only data node that has history from before the mainnet reset, before trading began (May 2023?). This is an acknowledgement of the important infrastructure @Pierre_Robes provides for the community. It’s also the fastest datanode, and predictably so.

Perhaps the most surprising piece of information here is that the best performing datanode is run on such a small budget.

Budgie Smugglers are happy to support this proposal. The limited time period also makes this a much easier grant to support.

Are you on Discord @Pierre_Robes ? It would be good to make the active community members over there aware of this proposal and get their experience on the forums.

Anyone who has traded on Mainnet knows that it is the fastest and most reliable node on the network. I will support this proposal as soon as it is available for governance. On the other hand, can you please help me with the final details to launch this proposal VGT-3 Setup Arbitrum trading games using CAF for voting? I used the Vega Transaction Tool you provided and I get “Input is not valid JSON”. Additionally, I would like to know your opinion on combining those traders interested in attracting new users to qualify for the Fatman top 3 plus everyone else earns Vega to become new future holders and keep them incentivized for 2 months on the network.

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Hello! I will support this proposal and thank you for your work.

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Bonjour Pierre!

You’ve made a great point about the current state of the API nodes. Many of them are underperforming, which really hampers the user experience on the console app.

First off, thank you for running the datanode since May 2023. It’s been consistently reliable, fast, and feature-complete, which has been a huge benefit for the community.

However, I believe we need to adjust the funding amount given the current price of VEGA and potential more decpreciation. Here’s what I propose:

  • 2500 $VEGA per node per month (~$500 at today’s prices)
  • For 6 months
  • Running 2 nodes

This totals 2500 * 2 * 6 = 30,000 $VEGA.

Ensuring our datanodes are reliable and efficient is crucial for providing a great UX, especially as we expect more users to join Vega after the @0xfatman takeover of the CAF. Thanks for providing good quality trading infra on Vega.

Let’s keep this wagon rolling.


It is not up to me but from what I have seen you have been having a solid datanode up since the start. :+1:

Thanks all for the support regarding this proposal.

@jessyp I’ve tried to account more or less for the price of the token in my calculation, but also happy to make it safe and go with your numbers instead if people approve.

As a proof of good faith, and seriousness for this proposal, I’ve created already a new node, which is already available (not publicly announced yet), it can be found at the following address:

I’ll need some help from the Vega team, so it can appear in the different applications in the api nodes lists and so users can start using it.

Here’s an updated proposal with timestamps set for the vote to close on Monday the 15th of July.

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The proposal is submitted for governance: VEGA Governance