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Sharing pics of where we work and play on Vega…

I’m in Australia, 10,000 miles away from London running scenarios on the Vega testnet while many of our team are asleep. Thanks to our focus on “remote first” processes, I’m easily able to pick up where they left off… feels like a 24 hour trading desk and that makes me happy. As does my “office” …


Checking out the numbers on our internal testnet from London


Catskiing in Utah at Peer Summit. Perfectly combining two of the better things in life; crypto and skiing :pray:


The snow looks great!

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Last night was our first monthly community update, with a bonus pub visit!

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Went to the Internet Archive :star_struck:for the DWeb meetup. Very cool place doing very cool things.


Where is this - Torqay ?

Actually Sunshine Coast. Torquay is lovely but usually a bit colder in my experience haha. Have you been?

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Hi @tamlyn Sunshine Coast is lovely …been a a while since my last visit.

I live close to Torquay and love the proximity of ocean, beaches and weather :slight_smile: