Vega Testnet release 0.33.1 is now live

Why is this release great? An intro by @cdm

This release continues to pave the way for Liquidity Provision on Vega, similar to the last release it is currently disabled but will be coming to prime time real soon.

Excitingly, the oracle framework continues to be built out by the core engineering team and this release has even more great work to support the implementation.

Release notes and commentary by @edd

This release brings a lot of fixes, most of which aren’t exciting new features but improve either the code quality or the developer experience. It represents a lot of heavy testing and bug fixing on Liquidity Commitment orders.

Alongside that, the feature test suite (we use godog) has seen some serious attention so that we can specify more complex scenarios easily.


#3094 - :fire: GraphQL: Use ID scalar for IDs, ensure capitalisation is correct (marketID → marketId)
#3093 - :fire: GraphQL: Add LP Commitment field to market proposal
#3061 - GraphQL: Add market proposal to markets created via governance
#3060 - Add maximum LP shape size limit network parameter
#3089 - Add OracleSpec to market
#3148 - Add GraphQL endpoints for oracle spec
#3179 - Add metrics logging for LPs
#3127 - Add validation for Oracle Specs on market proposals
#3129 - Update transfers to use uint256
#3091 - Refactor: Standardise how InAuction is detected in the core
#3133 - Remove log.error when TX rate limit is hit
#3140 - Remove log.error when cancel all orders fails
#3072 - Re-enable disabled static analysis
#3068 - Add dlv to docker container
#3067 - Add more LP unit tests
#3066 - Remove devnet specific wallet initialisation
#3041 - Remove obsolete InitialMarkPrice network parameter
#3035 - Documentation fixed for infrastructure fee field
#3034 - Add buf to get tools script
#3032 - Move documentation generation to vegaprotocol/api repository
#3030 - Add more debug logging in execution engine
#3114 - Feature test refactor: Standardise market definitions
#3122 - Feature test refactor: Remove unused trading modes
#3124 - Feature test refactor: Move submit order step to separate package
#3141 - Feature test refactor: Move oracle data step to separate package
#3142 - Feature test refactor: Move market steps to separate package
#3143 - Feature test refactor: Move confirmed trades step to separate package#3144 - Feature test refactor: Move cancelled trades step to separate package
#3145 - Feature test refactor: Move traders step to separate package
#3146 - Feature test refactor: Create new step to verify margin accounts for a market
#3153 - Feature test refactor: Create step to verify one account of each type per asset
#3152 - Feature test refactor: Create step to deposit collateral
#3151 - Feature test refactor: Create step to withdraw collateral
#3149 - Feature test refactor: Merge deposit & verification steps
#3154 - Feature test refactor: Create step to verify settlement balance for market
#3156 - Feature test refactor: Rewrite margin levels step
#3178 - Feature test refactor: Unify error handling steps
#3157 - Feature test refactor: Various small fixes
#3101 - Feature test refactor: Remove outdated feature tests
#3092 - Feature test refactor: Add steps to test handling of LPs during auction
#3071 - Feature test refactor: Fix typo


#3018 - Fix crash caused by distressed traders with LPs
#3029 - API: LP orders were missing their reference data
#3031 - Parties with cancelled LPs no longer receive fees
#3033 - Improve handling of genesis block errors
#3036 - Equity share is now correct when submitting initial order
#3048 - LP submission now checks margin engine is started
#3070 - Rewrite amending LPs
#3053 - Rewrite cancel all order implementation
#3050 - GraphQL: Order in LiquidityOrder is now nullable
#3056 - Move vegastream to a separate repository
#3057 - Ignore error if Tendermint stats is temporarily unavailable
#3058 - Fix governance to use total supply rather than total deposited into network
#3062 - Opening Auction no longer set to null on a market when auction completes
#3051 - Rewrite LP refresh mechanism
#3080 - Auctions now leave auction when maximumDuration is exceeded
#3075 - Bond account is now correctly cleared when LPs are cancelled
#3074 - Switch error reporting mechanism to stream error
#3069 - Switch more error reporting mechanisms to stream error
#3081 - Fix fee check for LP orders
#3087 - GraphQL schema grammar & spelling fixes
#3185 - LP orders are now accessed deterministically
#3131 - GRPC api now shuts down gracefully
#3110 - LP Bond is now returned if a market is rejected
#3115 - Parties with closed out LPs can now submit new LPs
#3123 - New market proposals with invalid Oracle definitions no longer crash core
#3131 - GRPC api now shuts down gracefully
#3137 - Pegged orders that fail to reprice correctly are now properly removed from the Market Depth API
#3168 - Fix intoProto for OracleSpecBinding
#3106 - Target Stake is now used as the Market Value Proxy during opening auction
#3103 - Ensure all filled and partially filled orders are remove from the Market Depth API
#3095 - GraphQL: Fix missing data in proposal subscription
#3085 - Minor tidy-up of errors reported by goland

Where to next?

Check out for more information, visit to dive straight into the Console, download the go-wallet or reach out to us on Discord if you need some hosted wallet details.

Thank you, please comment below if you’d like to give any feedback on the release.
Note: You can raise bugs for the software in the Vega Nolt

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