Vega Testnet release 0.32.1 is now live

Why is this release great? An intro by @cdm

This release helps pave the way for Liquidity Provision on Vega, it’s currently disabled but will be coming to prime time real soon.

The GraphQL improvements help to enable collateral withdrawal support in Vega Console.

Release notes and commentary by @edd

More fixes, primarily related to liquidity provisioning (still disabled in this release) and asset withdrawals, which will soon be enabled in the UI.

Two minor breaking changes in the GraphQL API are included - one fixing a typo, the other changing the content of date fields on the withdrawal object - they’re now date formatted.


#3004 - Incorporate buf.yaml tidy up submitted by bufdev on api-clients repo
#3002 -:fire:GraphQL: Withdrawal fields expiry, createdAt & updatedAt are now RFC3339Nano date formatted
#3000 -:fire:GraphQL: Fix typo in prepareVote mutation - propopsalId is now proposalId
#2957 - REST: Add missing prepare endpoints (PrepareProposal, PrepareVote, PrepareLiquiditySubmission)


#3011 - Liquidity fees are distributed in to margin accounts, not general accounts
#2991 - Liquidity Provisions are now rejected if there is not enough collateral
#2990 - Fix a lock caused by GraphQL subscribers unsubscribing from certain endpoints
#2996 - Liquidity Provisions are now parked when repricing fails
#2951 - Store reference prices when parking pegs for auction
#2982 - Fix withdrawal data availability before it is verified
#2981 - Fix sending multisig bundle for withdrawals before threshold is reached
#2964 - Extend auctions if uncrossing price is unreasonable
#2961 - GraphQL: Fix incorrect market in bond account resolver
#2958 - Create third_party folder to avoid excluding vendor protobuf files in build
#3009 - Remove LP commitments when a trader is closed out
#3012 - Remove LP commitments when a trader reduces their commitment to 0

Where to next?

Check out for more information, visit to dive straight into the Console, or reach out to us on Discord if you need some hosted wallet details.

Thank you, please comment below if you’d like to give any feedback on the release.
Note: You can raise bugs for the software in the Vega Nolt