Vega testnet is open to all🎉

This is marked by the first public release of Vega Wallet, a command-line wallet and wallet server for Vega. It’s completely open-source and the code and latest release binaries are available now on GitHub.

Now anyone, anywhere, can test out the world’s first decentralised trading infrastructure with automated cross margining and on-chain limit order books. To learn more and join the fun (or share it with friends), go → HERE ← to read our full release blog!:nerd_face:

So what can you do?

You can now download the Vega Wallet, load up with Ropsten assets via the Ethereum bridge, propose a futures market on any underlying, invite the community to vote it in, and make fully decentralised, end-to-end trades. To dive deeper into what you can do check out this blog by Tamlyn. (link)


Join our Testnet Jam every Thursday, where Barney and Tamlyn will be ready to answer your questions or help you get set up.

What’s next?

We plan to release our feature-complete testnet iteration in early Q1 2021. Find us on our various community platforms to join us as we continue to learn and grow.